One thing COVID has done is force most of us to re-focus on our homes and how we spend time in them. And this new focus has led many to consider how to turn their backyard into a staycation paradise.

Lockdowns – and even a hesitancy to leave our property – had us spending more time away from others besides our immediate family, and seeing the pros and cons of how we’re set up at our homes.

I know many people who have actually decided to look for a new place to live, once they realized their home wasn’t providing them with the comforts they desired.

That’s a pretty drastic response, in my opinion, although in the real estate market it’s an excellent time to be selling your home…but remember you have to then buy one as well.

All of this new focus on our existing abodes has given me a reason to expand my own business into what I call “Outdoor Living” and how to help my clients basically reinvent their backyards, whether it’s a deck or patio area (or what some people might call a porch), as well as their backyards beyond the immediate rear of their home.

Depending on your situation, you may have a lot of area to work with or a very limited space…but either way, I’m here to tell you that any situation can be customized and upgraded to create a special environment for your personal comfort and enjoyment.

While we’re all easing back into the mainstream of our lives, getting back out there to shop, dine and connect with friends, many people have also looked at their backyard situation through new lenses.

There are many opportunities to enhance what you have and turn it into a permanent “staycation” – and why not? We live in Florida, a tropical environment that many envy as paradise or the perfect vacation to begin with.

Most people feel it’s important to have an outdoor space they love. Their backyards need to be a place to escape to, and unwind, and relax.

backyard sanctuary

The pandemic has made our outdoor spaces more important than ever, and many people have already started sprucing things up.

Maybe that’s you?

Maybe you’re looking for ways to tie it all together or find that key element that says “staycation” to you.

Whether you’ve invested in some big-ticket items already, or not, many people are finding that it’s often also the smaller things, those finishing touches, that can turn their backyard spaces into environments they love to spend time in.

Here are some tips to turn your backyard into a staycation paradise:


Probably the most important thing is to decide how you want to use your space.

Do you want to dine, lounge, entertain, outside more?

Many of my clients want their patio to feel like an extension of their home, with a little “we’re on vacation” thrown in, and they typically purchase a large sectional set.

When the weather is nice, they’ll use that area as an outdoor living room. I know it’s summer, but there are ways to make Florida’s summer months enjoyable.


Start with seating

Seating decisions should be tied to your overall desire of how you want to use the space, and I can help you map out the best way to arrange things for your specific goals, desires, and needs to turn your backyard into a staycation paradise.


The summertime in Florida is hot and humid. One of the most important things my clients desire is having adequate shade.

Consider a pergola over your patio or a freestanding cabana or pavilion or even outdoor shades or awnings to cut down on the heat, allowing you to greatly increase the time you spend outdoors. Even umbrellas can be an excellent and stylish alternative.

Speaking of pergolas and cabanas, I’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with Orlando Outdoor Living, a company that is the Central Florida representative of StruXure, which manufactures the finest pergolas and cabanas I’ve seen!

These structures are changing the way people are enjoying the outdoors. These wonderful structural products ensure that outdoor family gatherings, parties, and cookouts can be successful in any weather conditions, rain or shine.

Enhance your backyard with a covered pergola or cabana

To whet your appetite with how nicely they can enhance your outdoor living experience, all of the covered structure photos appearing in this post are created by StruXure.

If these images capture your attention (and the creative ideas are flowing), I would be glad to meet with you to show you all of the ways that these products can transform your outdoor spaces!

I place a high value on creating functional and beautiful designs tailored to each home environment. This is only possible through my close collaboration with my select partners.


Sometimes lighting is overlooked when designing an outdoor space. Adding the right type of lighting can really increase the amount of time spent outside and help create a nice mood.

The right lighting sets the outdoor mood

It is often not terribly expensive, and easy to install. With so many choices available,

I can show you which ones would make the most sense for your environment and your needs.

Consider A Poolside Pergola or Cabana to turn your backyard into a staycation paradise

If you already have a pool, it’s always a great idea to add a structure that turns your backyard into that staycation paradise.

It gives you space to enjoy quality time with your family and friends and gives you the opportunity for even more relaxation by your poolside.

Pergola at pool entryway

And you can build a bar in your pool house or create an outdoor kitchen or a lounge area with a grill to complete your personal backyard pool house retreat.

Add a Fire Feature

There’s nothing like an evening sitting around a fire roasting marshmallows and having a cocktail.

Add a fire feature for an extra dash of warmth

A fire feature is perfect for those evenings under the stars when it is chilly, or after popping out of the hot tub or pool.

Choices range from a full-blown fire pit to a fire table…or even some torchieres.


An outdoor movie theater might become one of your favorite additions! What about a screen that pulls down from your pergola and a projector mounted from the rafters.

A mounted TV keeps everybody happy!

Sounds fancy, doesn’t it? But something like that can be very affordable.

A large mounted TV is also a great way to set the kids up outside while the adults get some alone time indoors. And everybody loves watching movies outside under the stars!

Add Some Color

There’s a reason outdoor furniture is designed to be extra-durable: Exposed to the elements, it must withstand harsh sun, rain, and wind. But over time, it does eventually get weathered.

A fresh coat of an unexpected color of paint is a great way to revive weathered patio furniture.

There’s a saying, ‘When your rattan gets ratty, just paint it and it looks new again,’ and that’s not an understatement.

painted rattan furniture

To capitalize on injecting a splash of a nice, new color, you might also consider painting other outdoor furniture, sofas, tables, and shutters, and/or picking up some of that color in fabrics or accents.

painted chair and side table sets the mood

Anything that’s looking bad, give it a coat of paint and you get another couple of years out of it.


You know that wonderful feeling you get when your house is clean and organized?

You can also get that same feeling when everything is decluttered and cleaned up in your outdoor space.

The key is to make sure the things you keep out and visible add joy to your life and won’t be yet another thing you need to maintain.

These are just a few things that help people make their outdoor spaces more enjoyable.

I would love the opportunity to help turn your backyard into the staycation paradise of your dreams. Just contact me for a consultation. You can message me here, right below this blog post, or click this “contact” link, or you can also email me at: And, of course, you can always call me anytime at (407) 743-2399.

Happy Summer, everybody!

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