One of my closest friends asked me to create centerpieces for her daughter-in-law’s baby shower.

I was so excited, particularly since I love working with flowers, and know how they can set the tone for an event. I wanted to make some joyful and memorable pieces, but never something to interfere with what really counts: the joyful emotions and experiences taking place at the event itself. Color choices are very important, and since it was a boy, I selected baby blue hydrangea for the key color component. I also chose white roses for a baby’s purity and innocence, along with Bells of Ireland, beautiful outward-reaching greens signifying thriving good health and growth. Together, these colors would weave a subtle story of love and promise. For the overall shape, I was inspired by an arrangement I had at home, and once I got going, the organization of the elements came naturally…and beautifully! My friend was so pleased with the result, and the guests all wanted to take them home. The event itself was such a joy, and my friend is a proud, beaming Grandmother of a happy, healthy…and loud baby boy!