More Flowers! Council of 101 Spring Luncheon 2017

Floral centerpieces for a good cause and a great group! Colorful Spring flower pom-pom balls…

I created the centerpieces for our annual Ladies’ Luncheon as hand-held bouquets wrapped in brown floral paper, that could be purchased for a donation! They were a huge hit and we had lots of fun (and collected a LOT of donations!) – you’ll notice I also dressed for the part (color-wise and round flowers). For me, flowers are such a joy and you can’t have too many of them in your life!

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Great DIY wall project (but I can help you too!)

Forget painting a wall, why not use this new product that I found.

Artis Wall™ is a new product that uses planks of authentic, reclaimed wood, easy to install, easily removed, and made in the USA! The best thing about this product is the the planks are also removable and reusable and won’t damage your walls. Great for renters who don’t want to create anything permanent! Need help selecting a look? Hire me for a consultation and I’ll come to your home and give you a professional opinion before making an investment. Artis Wall™ gathers their authentic reclaimed wood from old barns and other structures around the US and crafts them into Artis Wall™ planks. Their installation system is patented and allows for the planks to be easily installed, removed, and reused in any room.

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